Friday, June 22, 2007

Best Irish Recruitment Office

Best Irish Recruitment Office

It is interesting fact to notice when you are visiting all the different recruitment agencies in Ireland how their offices differ. The interiors differ so much that it actually makes you wondering – are all those companies in the same business?

There are offices in some underground spaces that should be used only for storage of your skiing gear or perhaps as a vine cellars. Most of the offices in towns are in some ‘Gorgeous Georgian Houses’. In the same time almost all of them are almost falling apart, and while climbing up the cracking stairs, you are wondering - Will I ever get alive from here?!

Another advantage of housing a recruitment agency ins one of those Lovely Georgian Houses in convenient locations in City Centres is the fact that there is no parking space, or if there is it is pay parking that is 100% full all the time. In the same time they call you for an interview in there?

Parking space problem is even worse in the recruitment agencies placed in Modern – purpose built industrial estates. You can be sure you will NEVER find a parking space there. And those industrial estates are purposely built outside the reach of any public transport?!

But,... there is a light at the end of the tunnel here....

There is one company where I just felt good when I entered. It is Premiere Group, with their office in Dublin. Pay parking in front of the main entrance had quite a few parking spots, but the real surprise is waiting for you inside! The reception area of a size of a 4 bedroom house, bottled water on offer, and a receptionist with a best Logitech mouse on offer today (MX Revolution – retailing at about € 79 in PC World).

The surprise is even bigger when you visit a Cork office of Premiere Group for example. Same furniture, same glass walls, same feeling actually. And even nicer view on the river from a fancy corner meeting room.

Well done Premiere Group – a clear winner for the nicest office of any Irish Recruitment agency!

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