Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year dear Irish Recruiters!

Happy New Year dear Irish Recruiters!

The festive season is ending, so here is a bit of a free advice and consultation on how to spend your money a bit wiser. Since most of you are investing in getting visitors to your web site (I have just noticed Google AdWords ads for most of your web sites), you might be interested in the user experience a job hunter will have when he/she gets to your web site. Let us take a large agency like HRM as example. A job hunter clicks on the advert that reads:

Ireland Jobs
Ireland's Leading Employers
Search Our Huge Selection

…comes to your web site to look for those jobs at the page he/she is brought to:

Chooses your Job Sector …and looks for a Search button,… and looks, but there is not a Search button anywhere?…

Patient job hunters will find Submit Your Search link printed in the smallest font on the site. When clicked a portion of users will get a popup window saying: You must choose a sub category. Others might not get it depending on the popup blockers installed.

Telling a visitor what they ‘Must’ do might not be the best way to make their way to your advertisements. If HRM is measuring the drop-off rate here, they would see the huge percentage of visitors just giving up at various stages in the search process, before they actually get a chance to find a job and apply for it?
To increase ROI from your Google AdWords campaign, consider an advertisement that looks like this:

Contracts Manager
Dublin South
Large Irish contractor
€110K + Benefits

That links to the page where that same job is advertised: http://www.hrm.ie/jobs_details.cfm?id=17118
The effect is that the job hunter that clicks on the ad (and that is what your pay for) will cost your only those few (tents) of cents per click. A huge percentage of the job hunters will apply and send you their CV. With Google AdWords campaigns and your web site design set up properly, you still can achieve getting CV’s well below one Euro per CV. No job board in Ireland can compete with that and deliver you 1000 CVs for 1000 Euro. Another important thing to notice is that with Google AdWords you can choose where you want your job hunters from geographically with the Geo Targeting facility in Google AdWords. Again no job board can do that as well, and tell you we will only send you CVs from job hunters that are physically in Ireland (or any other country) right now.

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