Sunday, October 08, 2006

Maps on recruitmet web sites?

I wonder why no Irish recruitmetn or Irish job site have never implemente a map service on their site. What do Irish jobs sites do? They put together Irish emoployers and not only Irish job hunters but job hunters from all over the world. Would a feature 'Click here to se us on the map' be usefull next to the Employers job post to the job hunters? Would job hunters use it to locate and get directios to the Employer in Ireland?

Or even better,... imagine looking for the job useing a map! If you are looking for a job in Sandyford, there is no Irish job site that will give hte the functionality to search for the job in Sandyford Dublin Ireland. The best you will get ofered is Dublin South. Would it not be nice if one could create a map view of the IT jobs with salaries over 50k and with keyword '.NET'? Google Maps is here, Microsoft Live Maps is here... The technology is all here. I bet people would use it if it would be available.

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