Friday, October 20, 2006

What do these Yanks know!?

What do these Yanks know!?

To run any small business a broadband connection is ‘always a good thing’. This is why we in Ireland have a numerous broadband providers (stop laughing!). You can choose from a plethora of wired and wireless ones (stop laughing, now!). . Even satellite connections are available. If you recently sold a farm in a south Dublin to the developers, you might actually not feel the monthly charges for the broadband service. The rest of us do.

So when someone from a not so ‘IT Hub’ country comes to Ireland, and tries our magnificent broadband offering, nothing but superlatives comes out as in the Venturing online in Ireland article by Thomas C Greene in Dublin.

Mr Green, you have not tried the lot! There is also a Clearwire in Ireland. Clearwire is also known as a company that got serious money form Intel. Intel presumably pumps money in the companies with te specification of the WiMax that they support, and ClearWire is the number one here. Does ClearWire work in Ireland,… well exactly as thie other Irish Broadbung gangsters. A bit in the city center, and of course not on the ground level but rooftops. No 3D map of was ever made not even for the capital Dublin. So wireless broadband coverage was calculated based on 2D maps, that do not take buildings into the count. The funniest test you can make is to take the ClearWire antenna, plug it in the laptop, and a mobile power supply, and do the Lift Test. Simply go to any fancy office buildings on the river bank, ISFC is a good example. Go to the lift and establish a connection on the top floor. Now as you go down the lift, and go slow, floor by floor, watch the signal weakening, and ultimately disappearing close to the ground floor.

That test shows you that the coverage maps where the WHOLE city centre is well COVERED from multiple stations,… is rubbish. they simply did not have a 3D model of the city.

Viva broadband in Ireland!

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