Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where should I advertise my Irish Jobs

Weddle’s Research Factoid

Recently asked visitors to the WEDDLE’s Web-site to tell how they found their last job. A total of 708 people participated in the survey. Here’s what they told were the top ten sources of hire:

31.2% Answered an ad on a job board
10.6% Sent their resume to the company
9.3% Answered an ad in the newspaper
8.5% Responded to a tip from a friend6.
8% Were referred by an employee of the company
6.6% Received a call from a headhunter
5.1% Answered an ad posted on the company’s Web-site
4.9% Attended a career fair
4.8% Used networking at a business event
2.7% Received a call from a staffing firm
2.7% Responded to a tip from a family member

So what does that tell you? Should you stop advertising offline? Well no! You need to catch that slice of the market as well. But this should guide you where to pour the majority of your budget, and how to slice the rest.

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