Sunday, October 08, 2006

Windows Live Writer

I have just downloaded the Windows Live Writer Beta to see if I can find something useful to write my blog in. I tried all the tools that I found so far, and non of them was really nice and useful.

This was supposed to check spelling but I can not really see it checking spelling as other MS product I am used to...

Don't you just hate those HTML editors that insert a paragraph when you press enter, and expect the line brake to be entered... Well Windows Live Writer is not the exception. Check this: <enter>

OOPS! A new paragraph!

So how exactly does one enter a line brake using the keyboard???

Let us see how does the Insert Link functionality work: Job Ireland Well, not bad.

There is also and Insert Map link:

Not that bad, seams Microsoft is learning from Google Maps!

Nice zoom in, but pushpin doesn't seam to display... But still a nice feature.

Ping Servers is a nice feature built in. Pity they did not built in some feature to search for the ping servers.

Conclusion (so far): Windows Live Writer is not a bad tool. Map, ping and a lot of settings you can save is really good. Unusual spellings (from a Microsoft Office perspective) and a bit strange WYSIWYG editor is a bit obvious drawbacks. Align JUSTIFY attribute is missing. Good thing again is that you can go to the HTML code and set it up there.

OK, let us see how will the first post look published! PUBLISH!

Heh,... well it didn't work. I got an error message that the Weblog does not support image publishing. It offered me to set up a FTP account details. Since I use blogger, there is no such thing as FTP, so... a big drawback. Perhaps it could have checked my settings while inserting the image, and if Blogger is there - show up a notification that it might not work?

Let me try with no images.

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