Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How do I get first in Google?

That is a million dollar question!

Actually it is not a million dollar question but 3.5 million euro question! Remember the summer 2005? Well it that hot summer of the year 2005, the job site Jobs.ie took the No. 1 position in Goole for the most used search phrase in Ireland:

Jobs in Ireland

from IrishJobs.ie.

3.5 million euro in cash changed hands straight away. IrishJobs.ie who occupied that spot No. 1 for years, bought Jobs.ie. They simply could not afford to loose the No. 1 spot in Goolge search results, they simply could not loose all the traffic (job hunters) related to the first spot of the most used search phrase to find a job in Ireland. Note one word those two web sites have in common – jobs. Remember now that that work is the part of the search phrase most used for finding the jobs in Ireland, or in fact several most important ones! That is what makes those to sites stand out above the rest of the market, since only those two sites choose a good domain name to run their business. Click here to read the full article: Why does a development of a recruitment web site begin with choosing a domain name?

Recruiters so often make a mistake about the search phrases job hunters use to look for a job. I have seen so many recruiters showing proudly how their web site shows on the first page in Google for the phrases like:

Irish recruitment
Recruitment in IT Ireland
Irish recruitment agency

All of them would fail to understand that their most important visitors – job hunters are not looking for the ‘recruitment’, but simply for a ‘job’! So get that work ‘job’ in your domain name if you are serious, if you mean business!

If you do that first step right, you are on the right track to get high in the Google search results, in the eyes of Irish job seekers. Get it wrong and do not include a word ‘job’ and you’ve made one step back!

Lets get back to that first place in the Google results. After choosing the good domain name, and the best domain name is exactly the most used search phrase for searching jobs in Ireland: ‘Jobs in Ireland’, so your best choice should be a name like jobsinireland.ie or jobsinireland.com. Unfortunately both of them are taken and the owners looking for crazy money for them. So get your grey brain cells together and think of something else.

The rest is simple. Get a web site that has the phrases you want to be found for all over your site (within Google guidelines), get listed in all directories that you can find (using Google again), and get as many links from as many web sites as you can. If you just do that in a given time you will be in the first place in Google. Yes that is the place for the search phrase jobs in Ireland that is worth 3.5 million euro!

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