Friday, September 01, 2006

Recruitment Agency: Where should I advertise? Part 2

How do I stand out? I do not want to advertise where all my competition does!!!

The key to success of the job advertisement in Ireland today is to advertise where no one else does, and where your money is well spent. It is as simple as that. Advertising on 10 Irish job sites will not bring you more CVs than advertising on the top 5. In fact you will get more work managing duplications.

Here are the obvious choices that will not cost you as much as any of the traditional methods of advertising, and will deliver much better results:

Google AdWords and MSN AdCentre

Although fairly different to set up, manage and achieve results, both will if used properly deliver at least double the amount of the responses to your ads. Irish Recruitment agencies coped on and in 2006 almost all major Irish recruiters started running their Google AdWords account and in summer MSN AdCentre accounts are popping up as well.

So what will I get, and how much will it cost?

Capability of controlling and managing your spending is the major advantage of online advertisement. On average the beginner (your first Google AdWords campaign) will achieve the similar results as with a job board. Meaning if the same budget is spent in both media, the results will be similar in both the quantity and the quality of the responses. Depending on a time spent reading the instructions Google provides you with and your own creativity, results will improve. After a few working days configuring your advertisements and one calendar month testing it and average recruiter will get double the amount of application for the same budget spent on a job board fees. And it does not stop there. As time goes by, a Google AdWords advertiser will learn how to tweak it to achieve results that can generate 4 to 5 times the amount of the applications that Irish job site would send for the same budget and same timeframe.

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