Friday, September 01, 2006

Recruitment Agency: Where should I advertise? Part 3

The online marketing strategy for a recruitment agency in Ireland is something one could write a whole book about, not just a blog. Let me not bore you too much, but get straight to the point: ROI. How do you measure your Return On Investment (ROI) in recruitment advertising to be able to manage your budgets successfully?

Step No 1. – Track where every single application and CV came from.
Step No 2. – Track where every single CV originally came from and where the duplicates later on.
Step No 3. – Track where every single good application and CV came from.
Step No 4. – Track where every single application and CV came from, from the applicants you have placed and note the type of the job, industry and the location.
Step No 5. – Compare the numbers above with the budgets spent in the various advertising channels.

Be careful in drawing conclusions. If a radio gave you more placements than a job site for the same money in the same period of time, it might not necessary mean that a job board is a better media. Ask yourself a question – was my advertisement on the radio good enough? Was it broadcasted in the right time of a day or a year? The larger the sample the better conclusions.

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