Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why does development of a recruitment web site begin with choosing a domain name?

We already have a name! A company name or the abbreviation of it is the most used domain name for the recruitment web site in Ireland today. That itself is the first mistake, and that one will haunt you ‘for life’!

The reason for that is that you will want people to be able to find your web site. How do people look for service providers like you? They use search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Google as we all know has the most number of users, and therefore delivers far more visitors than all other search engines together.
A recruitment agency web site has 2 separate and different audiences. Employers and job seekers. You will want employers to be able to find you using Google to be able to order services from you (don’t we all know that this is NOT the way it happens?!). You will also want job seekers to find you and apply to your jobs in Ireland.

The domain name is the first little bit of text Google finds about the site when it makes its crawl. In that first ‘handshake’ with your site, you need to tell Google who you are and what kind of traffic you want! If you do not, it is a missed opportunity. In the Irish recruitment industry today, you can not afford to miss oportunities. There simple is far to many far to good online recruiters in Ireland, so making your first step ‘backwards’ will not do you any good in the race against the competition.

Put yourself in shoes of a job hunter and an employer looking for an recruitment agency (you!). What search phrase will he/she put in the Google to look for someone like you? My guess is something like:
Recruitment agency Ireland
Do not trust me here, use your own judgement. Ask your friends!

Same goes for the job hunters. What search phrase will they put in Google? They will most likely start with a:
Then they usually find that the results are completely irrelevant since they get 100% of the web sites about jobs in US. So they will usually ad the word Ireland to get:
Job Ireland
The other variations are:
Jobs in Ireland
Ireland Jobs
And so on, and on.

Again your domain name is what you tell Google (and your visitors BTW!) about you FIRST. So if you want more job hunters to visit your site, choose something that has jobs and Ireland, and to get a employer as well, use words like recruitment and perhaps agency in your domain name as well.

OK, by now we know what your domain name should be like.

Now take a look at top 10 recruitment agencies in Ireland today. Make your own list what you consider top 10. Look at their domain names. Did any one of them get their domain name right?

To make sure you are right, just be a job hunter in Ireland (or looking for a job in Ireland from abroad) and try to find your self a job in Ireland on the internet. Use the search engine of your choice. It will be Google for the most of the web surfers, and that is even more the case here in Ireland since Google’s strong presence and peoples awareness of Goole in Ireland. So put a phrase like:
Job Ireland
Jobs in Ireland
Ireland jobs

… or any other phrase you think you would use when looking for a job in Ireland.

Did you find a single recruitment agency on the first page? If not – Good! It means there is a space for you!

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