Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A little Google AdWords Secret

If you are at all serious about recruiting in Ireland you are probably using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your job posts on your web site.

No you do not?... Well you should! But that is another story, let us concentrate now on the lithe Google AdWords secret I have for you. If is plain simple, and anyone would have guessed it, if one would just think outside of the box, or in this case outside out the Google AdWords interface.

One thing you always wondered is where will my ads appear, especially when you are publishing them outside of the Google SERP pages. There are web sites that show Google AdWords ads on themselves, and your ads will appear on those pages if the content of each page that displays ads is relevant to the keywords you are bidding for.

The fact is that you do not really have any control on where will your ads end up. So let us be smart and find out!

Step one – find the pages you want your ads to display at

Let us use Google to find what pages are relevant to ‘Ireland’ and ‘Jobs’, so put a phrase like ‘Ireland Jobs’ in Google search box, or just click here on Ireland Jobs.

Now let us look what of those ages display Google ads. Start from the top, and find the first one opening them one by one. When you find the first one from the top, that one obviously has the most visitors, since it is the highest one from the top – where people click the most. If the site is not related to the jobs in Ireland and you do not feel confident advertising there – skip that one and go to the next.

Step one – place your ad on that best web site – most relevant to your Irish jobs

To make sure your ads display on the web site you have chosen you can use the Google AdWords feature Site Targeting. This enables you to place your ads exactly on that web site, and not on the others, and you will be able to manage the cost of clicks on that site separately to all other clicks on any other site.
Step three – test your ads and see what text phrases bring you the desired traffic – and job applications

We all know that Google AdWords will give you as much back as much you spend working on it. So do not create an ad and leave it like that forever. Change the phrases, change your keywords, and you will soon find out what works best for you.

Step four – The Little Google AdWords Secret

You have found the ad text and keywords that work the best for you, and now the only thing is making sure you are outbidding the other advertisers. Well at some stage it will start costing you money. You will also start thinking how high will the price go?! Well there is the way of keeping the price per click down, and that is by making the most attractive ad so that visitors continue clicking on your ad more than on anyone else’s. Google will keep on displaying your ad higher even if someone offers more per click but has a lower click through ratio. And how do you achieve that people click on your ad more than on any one elses???


And do not put your stupid (oops…) company logo! Put an animated image that nicely blends in with the background of the web site your are targeting. We all know that a nice image has at least double click through rate than any text. If you make a nice image, making sure it does not only look good standalone, but on the site where you are publishing it, it will achieve far higher number of clicks than any other ad.

Think about the additional benefits. Visitors will not see a a list of boring text adverts on that site, but will see a nice and animated (just slightly please!!!) image that loks as the part of the site where it is displayed. With your logo somewhere in the animation of course. If you make the image really nice, you have a chance to make you image a nicest part of the site that the image is on. Just imagine where will people click then?

So get busy, find the job sites in Ireland that display Google ads, and get your marketing and graphic people together to start placing Site Targeted Google AdWords today!

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