Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where do I get more Clients?

The other way to ask that same question is: “How do I grow my business?”

Ask yourself first: Who is my client? Who is a client of a recruitment agency in Ireland (today – forget the year 2000 and before, we are in the 21st century!).

Is your client a company you recruit for?

Is your client an Irish job seeker?

Find the true answer yourself. We know where the money is coming from, but is it the same source as where “The Business” is coming from?

Would you rather have a contract to fill 100 good (well paid) positions, or would you rather have 100 good CVs and applicants behind them who are available for the interview this afternoon, ready to start working tomorrow and do not ask for unreasonable remuneration?

Job seekers are the asset of the recruitment agency in Ireland today. That is what you need to build. Good, quickly employable job seekers. This is where the value really is. If you manage to source that, your other ‘Clients’ will come quickly!
Regardless of your opinion who your real client is, you will still need a job seeker. Can’t do much without them! :)

Advertise, your jobs in Ireland in newspapers, jobs boards, radio,… just do it as everybody else does it. It must work, it works for them! In fact it seams to work for every single one of them! Yet if you talk to any one of them, no one will tell you they are happy with the responses they got from neither of those traditional advertising models. A half page ad in national newspaper that does not generate a single response is nothing strange in this industry. The recruitment section is the second most thick section (and source of revenue) of any newspaper in Ireland, so who is going to find your quarter page ad between a hundred of others quickly flicking through with a pen circling the interesting ones to call?

Instead,… how about if those people interested for a job in Ireland would come to you. Come to you via your web site. How about if your web site could attract ‘a readership’ (as newspapers and circulars like to call the number of printed copies) of 10 000 people looking for a job in Ireland each month?

Now let’s step back a little. We know people find web sites using Google. We also know what search phrases they are going to use. The only thing we need to do is to make a web site that will show high on the first page in the results of the Google search. We also know what is the first step to make such a site. If not read the: Why does a development of a recruitment web site begin with choosing a domain name?

In Google all my clients are.

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Charlotte said...


I definitely agree that online recruiting is powerful because it's boundaryless. Have you thought of targeting EU citizens outside Ireland? I am aware there are lots of young German, Italian and Spanish people willing to work in Ireland or the UK.

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