Thursday, September 21, 2006

Site targeting + Image ads = WIN!!!

The best results achieved in the Irish recruitment industry in utilising Google AdWords so far have been accomplished by the combination of the two features of AdWords: Site Targeting and Image Ads.

Image ads
Now let’s look at the reasons why is that so. We all know that the image says a thousand words. Text ads are nice, but an image will always have a much higher click through. If you want serious traffic, get your images done and publish them as much as you can to replace your text ads. To increase the number of clicks even more, create animated images, to draw people’s attention to them. Where eyes go on the page, the cursor of the mouse is likely to follow.

Site targeting
You need to find sites where you want your ads to appear. You need to look at those sites and analyze them. What kind of traffic is expected (Alexa is a pointer), what sizes and shapes of AdSense are present on the site. What is the sites color scheme and where do the ads appear on the pages. All this will help you create the ads that will display on that chosen site and stand out (or blend in), and achieve a high click through. As with any animated image advertisement, an initial image that blends in with the background on the page, and than some animation that stands out, will achieve the most clicks. Again it depends on where the image is on the page, and what images load first and last. In general, if your ad is on top, blend it in, and make an animation a second or more after the full page loads. And repeat it, but not indefinitely – it gets seriously annoying.

By creating an animated image, or a set of animated images – at least one for each AdSense shape on a targeted site, and adjusting your maximum bid for cost per click, you can completely flood a targeted site. So make sure it does really look nice and non intrusive, since you might upset the site owner who can easily remove your ads from displaying on his site.

Also make sure your animated image has a story to tell. Your company logo should be completely in the background until the last screen. Here are a few ideas:
Jobs in Ireland (for sites with international traffic)
Irish Recruiters - looking for you!
There is always a better job on…
Whatever you want to be…

… use your imagination. Or get a good advertising agency.

The cost per click from a combination of site targeted ad and image ad displayed is most likely going to be your highest one. So track the conversion rate on your site, and notice that a visitor from such a campaign is far likely to subscribe to your service that a visitor from a text ad. People that click on the image ads are in large percentage people that would never click on a text ad. In general, female visitors are far more likely to click on an image ad than on a text ad. Looking for an Irish Office Secretary? Image ad is the way to go! :)

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