Friday, September 01, 2006

Recruitment Agency: Where should I advertise? Part 1

Traditional approach

Job boards
Advertising jobs on job boards in Ireland is the first step. The benefits are that your job adverts instantly seen by thousands of job hunters. Applications are straight forward and simple for the job hunters as well; they just attach a CV, register if needed to the job board itself and off you go. Results are instant, and a recruiter should start receiving the applications the same day, presuming the right job boards are chosen for the right industry and the location the job is based in. Irish Job boards (sites) also provide access to their CV databases, and that is a good place to look for already registered job hunters. If you know how to write a job ad and know how to choose a job board for it, the results are imminent. Prices are the main problem. An Irish job site will try to tie you in some annual publishing contract, which will usually be far above your budget.

Local radio is the usual place – where to go next after you have subscribed to the job boards, and dissatisfied with the result. Low cost entry price sounds good, but your campaigns will run out quick, and the results can vary. The advantage can be the quality of the applications, since the ad will attract only the local job hunters. In the same time the local reach is a disadvantage since it attracts much smaller audience than an internet based ad.

It is no secret that any company in financial trouble buys a half page job advertisement in the national newspaper. The size of the ad usually clearly reflects the sum needed from the venture capitalists to stay afloat. Does the newspaper ad bring job applications? Yes it may, but the quantity of applications is surely the lowest out of all other media.

Outdoor and Guerrilla
LUAS, DART, bus, rail, taxi, bus shelters,… Opportunities are endless. Results are the worst for the recruitment industry.


Alan said...

Website shoule be the 1st chioce for both employer (recruiter) and jobseeker. It is true even for developing countries. That is why recruitment agency and employers have to put their attentions on the SEO and internet advs.

Mark said...

It may be depand on the kinds of job.So is why the traditonal media is still alive.

Jean said...

Yes.It is much depend on the kinds of job and where the it is located.Anyway, internet searching is the first chioce for most people.So, putting out internet adv should be work.